WoolWomen Värttina Kampala yarn

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WoolWomen as a value is a domestic, autumn 2022 special yarn. The lovely 2-strand worsted yarn spun from Finnish wool is soft and feather-light, and as a falling yarn, it is ideally suited for lace scarves. Meiju KP has designed a beautiful lace scarf, VIELO, whose instructions are available on raverly in Finnish and English.

We dye the threads with natural dyes that are non-toxic. Undyed are the sheep's natural colors. Efforts have been made to choose the colors in such a way that they have good fastness to light and washing. However, it is possible that the natural colors may fade over time, e.g. in sunlight. Dark colors may contain extra pigment, which may e.g. come off on the hands when rubbing. The color is not dangerous and comes off in the hand wash. The threads may also release a little color in the first washes.

The materials we use are completely natural and our yarns have not been treated in any way apart from washing.