Static paper, pink

Designer: WoolWomen

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Static paper is a great helper for following knitting charts. You place the paper on top of the knitting diagram and move it as the knitting progresses. The sticky notes do not contain glue, but they stick well with the help of an electric charge, and you can move the sticky notes freely without them leaving stains. The sticky notes stick to almost all flat surfaces, such as metal, glass, cork boards, brick, textiles, leather and stone.

They are made in Finland from polypropylene film, which you can recycle in the plastic collection.

They stick to surfaces on both sides. You can write on the colorful front with any pen. The white background can be erased if you write on it with a water-soluble marker, so you can write notes about your knitting on the notes without any worries.

The magazine contains 100 notes. You can reuse the paper until it runs out. The size of the paper is 20x10cm