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Color: Aarnivalkea


85% Finnish sheep's wool

15% Nylon

Thread strength:

approx. 50 g = 200 m fingering

Stick recommendation:

2 - 3 mm

WoolWomen's renewed domestic thin sock yarn is now called Huiku. Its roots are in Finland because it is spun in Finland from Finnish sheep wool and it is also dyed by hand in our small dyehouse in Lempäälä.

The properties of the yarn are unique. The double-stranded yarn is tightly twisted, but it is still pleasantly soft and wonderfully bouncy in the finished knit. It is made of Suomenampa wool and reinforced with polyamide, which, in addition to the thread, gives the thread the desired durability. From the very first touch, the yarn enchants both the knitter and the user. Although especially for socks we recommend knitting with slightly smaller needles, 2.5 mm, you can knit sweaters and scarves with larger needles if you wish. The choice of stick size affects the settling of the end result and the tightness of the surface. We definitely recommend making a sample patch before starting the actual knitting.

With two skeins of yarn, there is enough material for normal-length socks up to size 42.