WoolWomen Luonontar 100% wool sock yarn

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Color: Clotted


100% Finnish wool

Thread strength:


Stick recommendation:

3-4 mm

Spool size:


Delivery: Two opened skeins travel perfectly as a small package

Luonontar is domestic, plastic-free and unbleached 100% wool sock yarn. Yarn spun from Suomenlampa wool and Texel sheep wool. The wool of Suomenlampa is soft and dense, and the wool of the meat breed Texel is coarse, the purpose of which is to bring durability to the yarn together with a nice twist.

As a yarn, Luonontar is plush, with a smooth surface, which is a bit rustic, but not prickly at all. Wool socks and mittens made of this material are comfortable to hold against the skin and have the best thermal properties. We recommend knitting the socks a little tighter, so the socks will be as durable as possible.
With the color renewal, Nature's Lady has taken on even more glory
Despite its name, this is also a really good alternative to sweaters and other accessories, so it fits from head to toe.

Did you know that:

🧶 100% wool is a renewable natural product. It's biodegradable And it naturally degrades in a few years, unlike synthetic materials.

🧶 100% wool is warm and breathable. Wool absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and warm!

Model proposal:

Enkel viilasokka , Reetta

Halo socks and gloves , Jaana Talvitie

Ainikki socks, Suuri Handyölehti 3/2022, Ronja Hakalehto