WoolWomen merino tencel

Designer: WoolWomen

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Color: longshot

50% sw Merino
50% tencel

Thread strength:
100 g = approx. 333 m

Recommended sticks:
2.50 - 4.00 mm

WoolWomen's Merino Tencel yarn is incredibly soft and smooth, with a silky sheen that makes it really impressive. Made of merino wool and Tencel fiber, the yarn drapes beautifully and is perfect for scarves, summer tops and knitwear.

But what is Tencel? This fiber, also known as Lyocell, comes from the sustainably grown eucalyptus tree, which grows remarkably fast and needs less water than cotton. Tencel fiber is able to bind a lot of moisture and effectively move it away from the skin, which prevents the growth of bacteria and the formation of odors.

From an environmental point of view, Tencel is also an excellent choice, because at the end of its life cycle it biologically decomposes back into its original components without harmful residues.

WoolWomen's Merino Tencel yarn has beautiful shades named after summer drinks. Choose from 13 stunning colors to complement the look of any project.

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