Our story

At the beginning of time it was heard in Tapiola; "We need yarn." Tapio's people got along. Tellervo sheep sheared and gleaned. All of Tapio's daughters: Tyytikki, Tuulikki, Mielikki, Annikki and Sinipiika used to spin yarn. Plants and mushrooms were boiled into dyes, threads were dyed, spun and the pot was taken to the hut.

The same tradition is continued by WoolWomen's artisans: Tapiottaret Taru, Mari and Terhi, who began to hand-dye with vegetable dyes using organic methods the yarns spun in the spinning mill from the wool of the owners of Pirkanmaa, Asko, Heik, Jussi, Jussi and Matin Suomenlampaide, into yarn skeins for all the people. Tapiottare offers its yarns on the market and in its online shop and in its warehouse shop.

Tapiotar Taru has worked as an entrepreneur in the craft industry before, sewing clothes for small citizens. Tapiotar Mari still works as an entrepreneur in the craft industry, offering all the people not only woolen threads, but also hair care in her hairdressing shop. Animals and their care and nature are close to my heart. Naturalness and ecology is an important value, which can be seen through the naturalness of the vegetable dyes we use in WoolWomen's products as well.

Everything about Tapiottar is united by craftsmanship, closeness to nature and Icelandic horses and, of course, wool from Finnish sheep. WoolWomen's values ​​are locality, domesticity, naturalness and authenticity.