Norwegian sweaters

Designer: WSOY

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Knit an authentic, modern Norwegian shirt! 13 embroidery designs from real wool inspired by the Norwegian nature. Animal motifs, aurora borealis and folk spirit at their best, thin or thick yarn as needed. You can get both a polo collared sweater and a multipurpose woolen jacket from most of the models. Sizes from children's shirts up to XXL. Weatherproof sweaters don't get any better than these.

Linka Neumann is a Norwegian knitwear designer whose knitwear designs can also be admired on her @Valleyknits Instagram account. The account has almost 50,000 followers. His book has been a huge sales success in Norway.

Author: Linka Neumann

Translator: Heli Mäntyranta

Illustrated by Kitty Ensby

ISBN: 9789510451717

Language Finnish

Weight: 730 grams

Published: 2020-09-01

Publisher: WSOY

Number of pages: 144