Luonontar yarn and Halo Sock and Lapas instructions

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We made yarn packages with different color variations from Luonontar yarn for Halo socks and mittens. Designer Jaana Talvitie.

The package contains 4 skeins of Luonnotar yarn and paper instructions, as well as socks and mittens. The yarn is enough for approximately size 39 socks and mittens.


100% Finnish wool

Thread strength:


Stick recommendation:

3-4 mm

Spool size:


Luonontar is 100% wool yarn spun from the wool of organic sheep.

It is spun from Finnish sheep wool and Texel sheep wool.
The wool of Suomenlampa is soft and dense, and the wool of the meat breed Texel is coarse, the purpose of which is to bring durability to the yarn together with a nice twist.
Using the best properties of these wools in the right proportion, WoolWomen's plastic-free, 100% wool sock yarn was created on Virtai's spinning mill.
Despite its name, this is also a really good alternative to sweaters and other accessories, so it fits from head to toe.

The wool is washed and spun at Virtai's spinning mill, after which it is delivered to us for dyeing and entwining and belting.
We have used only natural colors for coloring. In addition to white, the color chart has 15 shades, here's how to start. In addition, 1-2 times a year a limited batch of non-reproducible colors is coming.

Did you know that:

🧶 100% wool is a renewable natural product. It's biodegradable And it naturally degrades in a few years, unlike synthetic materials.

🧶 100% wool is warm and breathable. Wool absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and warm!

Care Instructions:

Please wash the products made of yarn carefully by hand with wool detergent in lukewarm water. The yarns are dyed by hand with natural colors in small batches and each skein is different. Efforts have been made to choose the colors in such a way that they have good fastness to light and washing. However, it is possible that the natural colors may fade over time, e.g. in sunlight. Dark colors may contain extra pigment, which may e.g. come off on the hands when rubbing. The color is not dangerous and comes off in the hand wash.