Viimatar wool socks Knitting instructions print Finnish

Designer: Jenna K

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Jenna K's Viimatarsukki instructions in Finnish and in print.

"In Finnish folklore, there are many beliefs associated with Christmas time and winter. Since the success of the family and the village community depended on the harvest, especially the weather was tried to foresee by observing various omens. Without spirits, one might also try to make amends so that bad weather would not spoil the luck of the harvest."

Viimatar wool socks start at the stem and have an embroidered pattern and a reinforced heel. The embroidery pattern has long yarn runs, which should be tied every 3-5 stitches. Follow yarn dominance when knitting, i.e. pick up the yarn of the dominant color on the needle always below the base color.

Fingering-strong sock yarn such as WoolWomen thin domestic sock yarn , Regian merino yak , Lang Alpaca soxx 4ply

36/37, 38/39, 40/41.

Base color: approx. 90g
Pattern color: approx. 40g.

Double pointed needles 2.50 mm or according to the design. Auxiliary thread and needle for reasoning

26s = 10cm.