Taito magazine 5/21

Designer: Taito

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Crafts light up autumn! Through Taito's 5/21 light theme pages, we meet Johanna Anttila, whose Kirjosilta brand is known for its spectacular reflectors. The magazine's second theme story takes you to Kuopio, the glass factory of family business Lasilink. The soul of the company is Sami Hyvärinen, who works as a glass fitter, whose job description also includes the design and manufacture of new glass products.


In the magazine's instructions, light can be seen, for example, as concrete light-bringers, glitter thread and the shine of linen. The designers of the instruction collection are Kaisa Karawatski, Paula Niskasaari (Neulovilla), Anu Ahoniemi, Tiia Eronen, Sonja Karlsson, Kerkko Jahnukainen and Eliisa Riikonen (Taito Åboland).

The collection of instructions that twinkles with light contains both wonderful knitting instructions and other craft instructions: weaving with looms, candle making, plywood work and macrame.


Of course, the magazine also contains other craft stories. Among other things, we visit the Stentorp sheep farm in Paraini and hear stories about the farm's colorful Finnish sheep. We will also meet Harri Karttunen, whose hands create kurpurpos and supikas. In addition, we will think about what it is like to do handicrafts with the left hand and hear the handicraft thoughts of Momtaz Begum-Hossain from London.


I can 5/21 the instruction set contains the following instructions:

  • Kaisa Karawatski's knitted Nukkakukka mittens
  • Eliisa Riikonen's woven Pinnalla scarf
  • Sarastin lampshade by Kerkko Jahnukainen
  • Paula Niskasaari's knitted Pilke socks
  • Tiia Eronen's three different reflective tassels
  • Kimalainen shirt, knitted by Anu Ahoniemi
  • Sonja Karlsson's Stripe Candles