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A sock measurer is an absolute helper for wool sock knitters. With the tape measure, you can easily measure the size of the unfinished sock, which helps to start the toe narrowing at the right point. You can also use a sock measure to measure the length of your foot by standing on top of the measure. A domestic sock measure is also a great gift idea.

In the sock measure, you can find centimeters and the size table of socks between 20-51. It also has a needle gauge for 2-8mm needles! The size of a square stick is measured diagonally from corner to corner, so the size can be measured with a standard round measuring stick.

Material : Domestic PEFC and FSC certified birch plywood

Size: 8cm x 33.5cm x 0.3cm

Manual: A sock measure is a handy tool for determining the desired sock size. The sock measurer has a foot/sock size table, which can be used to estimate when toe reductions should be started. As a general rule, tapering can be started approx. 3-5 cm before the desired sock size. It is not possible to give exact instructions on where to start the tip narrowing, because it is affected by e.g. yarn thickness, needles, knitter's handwriting and sock instructions.