Reseda Natural color extract

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Size: 25g

Reseda is the most light-resistant of the yellow dyes. This reseda is a very high quality extract made in the South of France. Its dye content is higher than normal reseda

T you add reseda extract to about 5% of the weight of the material to be dyed to get a medium-strong color, i.e. about 5g for a 100g skein of yarn. You should first mix the extract in a smaller container and warm water. Add soda or calcium carbonate to the dye broth during the cooking phase to remove the color.

Tip: By dyeing with indigo on top, you can get from lime green to dark green depending on the yellowness of the thread and how strong the indigo broth is.

Remember to unwind the threads either before dyeing or during dyeing.

Remember to use protective equipment when coloring, the colors are not toxic, but are very fine.

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