Pohjola Mistress knitting pattern, Printti

Designer: Jenna K

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Why can't we see the world through stories? Why can't a sweater be a garment and a story at the same time? How would I combine two things I love: storytelling and crafts? And that's what Jenna has set out to do, with the goal of knitting the poems of the Kalevala. And there are enough of these, 50 pcs. Here is one of them.

Instructions for Jenna K's Pohjolan Emäntä sweater in Finnish and in print.

Jenna has skillfully combined elements of folklore and stories with the knitting instructions. They show Finnish nature, ancient symbols and religious creatures, mythical stories and narratives.

The seventh poem of the Kalevala gives permission to Louhi, who is a sign of contradictions: he is good and evil at the same time. She is a hospitable hostess who helps Väinämö in times of trouble. She rules Pohjola (the master of Pohjola appears in the Kalevala only in mentions), and she has given birth to the most beautiful daughters of the epic, the maidens of North. At the same time, however, he is ruthless, self-interested and belligerent.

The model includes a Scandinavian rune meaning fertility, a pattern similar to the symbol of the wise woman found in witches' drum patterns, and a pattern resembling a snow crystal, the styles of which can be found in Nordic and Baltic embroidery, for example.

The garment is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up with a V-neckline and dropped shoulders.

Yarn consumption:

Finger strength e.g. Bio Balance

Main color: 1012 (1095, 1184, 1309, 1375, 1481, 1599) m
Embroidery color: 133 (144, 156, 172, 181, 195, 210) m

Stick size:

Circular needle and double pointed needles 3 mm and 3.5 mm.

Knitting density:

18 sx 22 rows per 10x10 cm stockinette stitch with 4 mm needles.

Sizes :

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Chest circumference 84 (96, 108, 120, 132, 144, 156, 168, 180) cm