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The newest edition of the Knitted Kalevala is now available!

What does folk poetry look like when knitted? How can a sweater be a garment and a story at the same time?

Jenna Kostetin Knitted Kalevala contains 18 Kalevala a knitting pattern inspired by poetry, such as Salt song shirt, Joukahainen socks and Northern maiden jacket. Their elaborate embroidery designs are inspired by Finnish, Scandinavian and Baltic traditional knitting. Baltic Finnish mythical stories, ancient symbols, religious creatures and nature can be seen in the knitwear. At the same time, they offer a domestic equivalent to the highly popular Icelandic knitwear.

All the sweaters in the book are knitted in one piece, and only two colors are used in the embroidery stitches - that's why they can be done even by a less experienced knitter. The instructions make versatile use of both thinner and thicker yarns, and the knitter is offered several yarn options.

Jenna Kostet (@ihtiriekkoknits) is a writer and knitwear designer known for several hit knits, such as the Suolaulu shirt. He has studied ethnology and folkloristics at the University of Turku and has published several historical novels and children's books. In knitwear design, stories, continuation of tradition and the joy of creativity are important to Jenna.

  • 176 pages
  • 18 knitting patterns (12 shirts, 2 jackets, 2 socks, 1 mittens and 1 beanie)
  • Hardcover
  • Language: Finnish (also available in English)
  • Weight: About 530 g
  • 188 x 240 x 19.5 mm
  • ISBN: 978-952-7468-30-2
  • Printed in Latvia
  • The printed book does not include a digital version

Knitting instructions in the Neulottu Kalevala book:

Give worries horse sweater
Iku Turso sweater
Ilmatar sweater
Joukahine socks
Golden cuckoo shirt
Golden Maiden sweater
A big beanie
Enough socks
The birth of the world sweater
Pohjola sweater
Pohjola Mistress sweater
Northern maiden long woolen coat
Northern maiden sweater
Saari wool jacket
Salt song mittens
Salt song sweater
Salt song winter polo collar sweater
That bear sweater