Knitting moments, Loops from the shore of the northern lake - Ronja Hakalehto

Designer: Cozy Publishing Oy

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Knitting moments - Loops from the shore of a northern lake invite you to enjoy the beauty of everyday life amidst the gentleness of Finnish nature.

Wonderfully timeless woolen creations will warm the small and large traveler in all seasons. Inspiring, clear instructions offer choice for beginners as well as more experienced knitters - making  of the work in the process a truly long-term partner . The mesmerizing images leading to the waterside and the green forest are captivating experiential atmosphere.

Ronja Hakalehto is a knitwear designer living in Northeast Finland, who creates knitwear designs for both Finnish and international knitwear publications. Ronja is known for her distinctive style, which includes earthy tones and shapes. In his knitwear designs, he is up-to-date unites also a touch of nostalgia .

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