Morning Salutation

Designer: Kremke Soul Wool

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Color: 15 light grey

Material :

51% Lyocell (TencelTM), 49% cotton

Thread strength:

110 m / 50 g

Stick recommendation:

3-4 mm

Knitting density:

20 = 10 cm

Care Instructions:

Machine wash delicate wash

Softer than cotton, cooler than linen and wrinkle-free - Kremke Soul Wool's "Morning Salutation" is a summer knitter's dream!

This new vegan yarn is made from Lyocell (Tencel™) and a fine cotton blend. Lyocell is a fiber made from wood pulp that comes from controlled and certified sources. In addition, the process used by the Tencel ™ brand is known for its production system where 99% of water is reused. In fact, PETA has designed this type of fiber to be "multipurpose [and] environmentally friendly." The properties of the yarn make it particularly pleasant to use, because it is breathable, hypoallergenic and on the skin it is cool on a warm day, while in cooler weather it is warming. The yarn is particularly soft and has a silky sheen. The knit falls well and is suitable not only for shirts and cardigans but also for scarves with lace or structured patterns. The perfect choice if you want to go without animal fibers.

Reserve about 600g of yarn for a woman's size M sweater, about 350g is enough for short sleeves, depending on the length and width.

Attention: Large clothes may lengthen after washing.

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