Instructions for Mittums gloves (PDF) + Lang Alpaca soxx 4ply

Designer: WoolWomen

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Lang Alpaca soxx 4ply (Color): 03 Grey

Mittums tumbls have a long rib that is folded over the tumblr to provide additional warmth. You can knit the tufts in one color or use two colors.

The instructions are written to be knitted with a loop, but you can also knit with double pointed needles. The thumbs have a curved thumb insertion wedge. The instructions use the Italian start, but you can create the loops however you like.

Sizes: S/M (M/L), palm circumference 16.25 (18.75) cm 70 (80) g fingering of strong yarn, either one or two colors.

Sticks and accessories: 2.75 mm circular needle (80 cm or longer) or depending on the handwriting a loop marker loop holder or coarse thread finishing needle

Knitting density: 32 sx 46 rows = 10 x 10 cm plain knit with thicker needles


This knitting pattern is a downloadable product. It is not delivered as a printed print with any other order. Please save the instructions on your computer.

The package contains one ball of yarn and instructions, which will be sent to your email upon ordering.

Designed by Joanna Ingnatius