Wave 19 Kaolin (winter 2024)

Designer: Laine

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Wave 19 (winter 2024)

Laine's winter issue is full of the peace and relaxation of handicrafts! Number 19, titled Kaolini, was shot in a beautiful ceramics studio, and the addictive instructions offer a meditative break from the everyday.

Release date December 8, 2023.


Wave 19 (winter 2024) includes:

  • 148 pages

  • 11 knitting patterns (includes both diagrams and written instructions): 4 shirts, 1 cardigan, 2 vests, 1 skirt, 1 scarf, 1 beanie, 1 socks.

  • An interview with the Japanese craft artist Tomomi Mimura . Tomomi embroiders cute animal figures using familiar parsing stitches.

  • An article about American shearer Pony Jacobson and why this traditional profession is vital to both sheep welfare and the textile industry.

  • A regular story series where the English knitting influencer Jeanette Sloan meets interesting craft people. In this issue, she interviews Sari Monroy , a craft artist and writer of the Kaqchikel indigenous people.

  • A series of five-list stories, in which Päivi Kankaro finds out what kind of things knitters should practice in order to develop their brains.

  • Here's a knitting story series, where knitters are photographed in their favorite places. In this issue, we meet Atia from London , who knits in her cozy living room.

  • delicious recipes for winter

  • book presentations.


The instructions are written by the following designers: Alexandra Atepaeva, Jennifer Brou, Maxim Cyr, Ronja Hakalehto, Helga Isager, Pauliina Leisti, Agata Mackiewicz, Yukie Onodera, Marie Régnier, Jacqueline van Dillen and Veera Välimäki.