Kokenilli natural color extract

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Size: 25g

A natural color extract with a very high color content, which is made by isolating the dye from cochineal aphids Cochineal in small amounts gives a very a strong crimson color, the shades of which can be changed by adjusting the pH.

Cochineal extract is one of the most expensive and valuable natural dyes. It is the only natural red dye approved for food, medicine and cosmetics. In addition, it is the European Union's natural red dye.

Dyeing should start with a small amount, e.g. 2.5% for a 100g skein, i.e. 2.5g and add color if necessary, but no more than 10g for a 100g skein of yarn (10%). The color dissolves best in hot water, from which it should be mixed in a larger container. Dyeing temperature 80-90 degrees. It is possible to use the fluid in several after colors.

TIP: Allow cochineal-dyed products to cool in the dye bath, as the color will continue to adhere even as the temperature cools.

Remember to unwind the threads either before dyeing or during dyeing.

Remember to use protective equipment when coloring, the colors are not toxic, but are very fine.

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