Katia Mooi

Designer: Katia

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Color: 100

52% Lyocell (tencel)
48% linen

Thread strength:
150 g = approx. 495 m

Recommended sticks:
3.00 - 3.50 mm

Knitting density:
25 sc x 33 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Care instructions: Delicate wash, 30 degrees.

Beautiful Shiny Katian Mooi is linen and tencel blend. The feel and appearance of the yarn is very linen-like, but tencel makes the yarn nice flexible and softer. The yarn is excellent for crocheting, but of course also for knitting. The coloring of the yarn is watercolor-like, with soft Liu `u from one color to another. One round is enough for a scarf and with two you get a nice summer sweater in size ML

Biodegradable tencel is made from environmentally friendly certified wood material and is a more ecological alternative to viscose thanks to the recyclable, non-toxic chemicals and the lower energy required for production.

Limited edition! - A limited edition