The northern maiden, Printti

Designer: Jenna K

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Why can't we see the world through stories? Why can't a sweater be a garment and a story at the same time? How would I combine two things I love: storytelling and crafts? And that's what Jenna has set out to do, with the goal of knitting the poems of the Kalevala. And there are enough of these, 50 pcs. Here is one of them.

Jenna K's Pohjola neito Sweater instructions in Finnish and in print.

Jenna has skillfully combined elements of folklore and stories with the knitting instructions. They show Finnish nature, ancient symbols and religious creatures, mythical stories and narratives.

In the 8th poem of the Kalevala, Väinämöinen meets Louhi's daughter. The northern maiden sits in the clouds doing embroidery and Väinämöinen asks her to marry him. The maiden teases Väinämö and promises to marry him only if he succeeds in turning a spear into a boat. Väinämöinen's ax head turns to his knees and tears a great wound into it. Unable to stop the bleeding, he must leave the maiden and try to find someone to close his wound.

The garment is knitted from top to bottom. The elastic knit and the round neck are knitted as a closed knit with a circular needle, and the beginning of the round is in the middle of the back. Shortened layers are made at the back, and after that we start making Ragla additions.

The blouse is deliberately loose, so if you want a more fitted model, you should choose a slightly smaller size. In the picture, the model is wearing size M and chest circumference 90 cm.

THREAD: DK strength thread, try Lang's Donegal

Chest circumference: 108.5 (117, 127.5, 140, 150.5, 161) cm


Base color of the arch: 213 (237, 266, 313, 350, 394) m

Pattern color of the curve: 111 (124, 139, 164, 183, 207) m
Hem and sleeves: 673 (752, 843, 993, 1108, 1249) m


Circular needles 3.5 mm for 40 cm and 80 cm rib.
Circular needles 4 mm 40 cm and 80 cm for plain knitting and embroidery.

Double pointed needles 3.5 mm and 4 mm.


19 stitches x 25 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm stockinette stitch on 4 mm needles

5 stitch markers