KnitPro Mindful BELIEVE Replacement head set

Designer: KnitPro

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KnitPro Mindful BELIEVE Interchangeable head set contains removable and replaceable circular needle tips in 7 different sizes, made of stainless steel. The tips are manually screwed onto the cables separately, so you can easily e.g. change stick size.

The package also has 3 different sizes suitable for tips KnitPro Swivel 360° cable. The accessories are packed in a rectangular stick case with a Mindful themed print. The knitting supplies can be organized in their own case, and each pair of knitting needles has its own size-marked pocket.

Contents of the KnitPro Mindful Believe Needle Set:

7 pairs of steel 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 & 6.00

3 cables with KnitPro Swivel 360° rotatable connector, one cable each 60cm, 80cm, 100cm

1 pair of cable connectors

1 measuring stick

4 Cable spanner (metal tool for tightening the cable)

2 pins

6 needle stoppers

10 pcs Split Stitch Marker, open stitch markers

10 pcs Locking Stitch Markers, lockable stitch markers

30 pcs Round Stitch Markers, closed loop marker rings

Chopstick case with Mindful plant-themed prints

The Mindful Collection needles and accessories are made in KnitPro's family-owned factory, which is committed to complying with environmental legislation, supports human rights and works e.g. for women's employment and education. The packaging of Mindful products is made of recyclable materials.