KnitPro Knitting needles Zing 20cm

Designer: KnitPro

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Koko/Size: 2.50mm

The colorful Zing socks are made of light aluminum and are nickel-free.

The stick feels nice, warm and smooth, but not slippery. The tips are quite sharp and smooth. Zings are suitable for all kinds of knitting, whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter. These sticks are worth trying!

Each size is a different color, which makes it easier to find sticks of the same size. The size marking is also laser printed on the sticks and does not wear off during use. The tips of the sticks are silver-colored, the middle part is painted. The price includes 5 knitting needles. The sticks are aluminum and completely nickel-free.

2.00 mm - coral
2.25 mm - amber
2.50 mm - grenade
2.75 mm - carnelian
3.00mm - Jade
3.50 mm - Emerald
4.00mm - Sapphire
5.00 mm - ruby