Knitpro Zing Deluxe replacement head set

Designer: KnitPro

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Knit Pron Zing replacement heads are also conveniently packed in a case as a set.

The sticks are light nickel-free aluminum, completely smooth, but not slippery. The loops slide well on the needle. The tips are quite sharp and smooth. J the size of the barb is different in color, which makes it easier to find sticks of the same size. The size marking is laser printed on the sticks and does not wear off during use.

Knitpro Zing set includes

Sizes of eight pairs of replacement heads

* 3½ mm, 4 mm, 4½ mm, 5 mm, 5½ mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm

Four cable sizes

* 60 cm, 2 x 80 cm and 100 cm black swivel cable


* 8 pcs stoppers

* 4 cable wrenches