Nova Vita 4

Designer: DMC

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Color: 07 Light blue-grey

80% recycled cotton
20% polyester

Thread strength:
250 g = approx. 200 m

Stick recommendation:
5.00 mm

Hook recommendation:
4.00 mm

Nova Vita 4 yarn is an ecological yarn made from recycled cotton. A thick, strong rope-like thread is an ideal choice for e.g. for home decoration. In the yarn, the cord is woven around a thinner cord, so this is a really durable choice for making various baskets, bags and pillows. In addition to decorating, you can also make different bags out of this.

Nova Vita 4 is an environmentally friendly thread. Only old and surplus fabrics are used in its production. The belt is also available again. There are seeds placed in the belt, so you can plant this and grow plants!

The yarn contains 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. Nova Vita is OEKO-TEX® standardized.