We warmly thank and congratulate you, the craftsmen of Tapiola, who have accepted our yarn with joy! <3

In the darkness of the evening, when our witch cauldron is bubbling, it's wonderfully atmospheric to look up at the starry sky as the threads boil and wonder what the resident of Tapiola is going to conjure up with the threads. There are many things going on in my mind and at the same time I get new visions for the future. It doesn't hurt if your fingers and toes are a little cold, when you step closer to the cauldron and sniff the wool, it always puts you in a good mood. This message below especially warmed our hearts, because we were able to dye yarns on request during Christmas. This special batch of yarn was a masterpiece of Tapiotar Mari.

"A package arrived today and it's full of wonderful, beautiful yarns.
That orange yarn you dyed is the perfect color, whatever I wanted.
All the others are such beautiful shades too.
Now I have to leave the previous sweater unfinished and start making these yarns. Thank you!"

When we opened our shop, we would not have believed how wonderful our yarns would be received, and being happy about that, we were able to respect the wishes of the people of Tapiola and also expand our shop's selection, with none other than Icelandic sheep's wool and Swedish sheep's wool. We also added chopsticks to our selection for those who need them. We at Tapiottare hope that you will continue to be in contact with your wishes at a low threshold, because we are more than happy to fulfill them if we can at all.

At the end of the year, we also want to thank our amazing partners:

from Kari Jok; Creative office Kari Jokinen; www.karijokinen.com

Maiju Jokipolvea; mjphotodesign, www.mjphoto.fi

Johanna Vaurio-Teraväväin; Photography by Johanna; http://johannavauphotography.com

ideaPrint Printing and copying service; Idea print; www.ideaprint.fi

Without you, we wouldn't be here. Thanks <3

A wonderful change of year for all the people of Tapiola! Welcome to familiarize yourself with the novelties of our shop. You should also follow the changing offers on our store! :)

A lot of work has already been done, Much more revealed; Haven't seen much yet.
Another host even a pint of beer! Even now the evening is coming, The day is falling on me;
It's already day down in Alaoksien tasal. I'm afraid of baptism, I'm afraid of Halla. Why do I make a cloak for the cold, a good coat for Halla?
The wolf took from me the great newt, the bear the terrible lamb;
You're kidding me. Hämelankat scarf. The family comes from the field,
Get out of the kitchen! Joks is kuali cooked, Varia equipped?
Many thanks, kostumala Do you have to tread on this?
This is full, Kiupa's shop carries: Liquors trickle down,
Olvet ran up to the ort; Knives folded into wheat, Forks into fish bones.
I would come to this house, Liävän fills my leaves, Kujan fills with flower heads!

Spankkova, Sornova. J. Tikka. around February 1914.


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