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Color: 000 Pure white


100% Norwegian villa, no super wash

Thread strength:
50 g = approx. 83 m

Stick recommendation:
5.00 - 6.00 mm

Knitting density:
14-16 sx 33 rows = 10 cm

Delivery tip: Choose a postal package as the delivery method, the products are over 3cm high.

Rauma Garn Vams is made of 100% Norwegian wool. The 2-strand wool yarn is comfortably soft and has a wonderful plush twist that can be loosened with needles. Bulky, strong yarn is well suited for beanies, sides and popular circular knitting. Light in thickness, Vams is nevertheless airy, which also shines in braids and good surface knitting. try the popular one instead of Alafosslop, there is a small difference in knitting density, so you can choose one size bigger. The versatile yarn also adapts to Ara's strong knitting instructions, if you want to replace Lettlop, choose one size smaller. Please remember the pattern with your knitting density. Vams also felts, so you can use this for felted projects.

Vamsi's color chart is a great combination of soft melange tones, bright colors and lovely pastel shades.

The yarn is spun near Rauma Garn at a 100-year-old factory in Romsdalen. Set aside about 450–500 grams of yarn for the women's size M sweater.

Model conditions:

Iku-Turso, Jenna Kostet ( Knitted Kalevala book)

Snow- Kauluri, Villahullu

Hallasoomu, Neuloosisko

Stonewood sweater, Skeindeer Knits (Raverly)

Berry Slipover, Vitre Desing (Raverly)

Speedy Spunni embroidery gloves, Skeindeer Knits (Raverly)

Black sweater, Linka Neumann

Hopi Pollar, Linka Neumann

Grærup Chunky Embroidered Sweater – Camilla Vad

Fox path sweater for children Leena Ylitalo