KnitPro Knitting needles Cubics 20 cm

Designer: KnitPro

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Size: 3.50mm

Cubics square knitting needles are ergonomic and easy to use. The material is rosewood-colored laminated birch. The tip of the stick is sharp and the sticks are quite flexible. Knitting with square needles smoothes out the knitting trace a little, the hands are not strained and the joints are not worn out in the same way as round traditional needles. These are especially recommended for people with joint pain and rheumatism.

The size of a square stick is measured diagonally, i.e. diagonally from corner to corner. So you can measure the size with a regular tape measure. This means that the circumference of the needle is slightly smaller than that of a circular needle of the same size, so choose a size about half a size bigger than usual in Cubics needles.

Note! Less than 3.5 mm thick, Cubics sock packs contain six sticks. The sixth stick is the spare stick.