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Color: Airedale

100% British wool - Bluefaced Leicester/Masham blend

Thread strength:
100 g = 225 m

Stick recommendation:

Knitting density:
20-22s = 10 cm

Care instructions: Hand wash, flat dry

We are happy to be among the first to introduce a completely new yarn quality.

SHEEPSOFT DK by Laxtons is a premium wool blend from British sheep breeds, made from only the highest quality wool and treated with the utmost care. The yarn has added wool from Bluefaced Leicester sheep to give it softness, while wool from local Yorkshire Masham sheep gives it durability. Laxtons' goal was also to create a yarn with the smallest possible carbon footprint. The wool comes from the Laxtons spinning mill in Yorkshire less than 80 kilometers away and is fully traceable.

SHEEPSOFT DK is a high-quality wool yarn that feels both soft and woolly at the same time. The yarn has an old-time feel and its smooth and beautiful twist is suitable for both plain and surface knitting and embroidery. The color chart of the yarn is soft, harmonious and lively. Its colors are named after well-known towns, villages and valleys in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Laxtons spinning mill was founded back in 1907, so it has a solid tradition. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world's most respected yarn manufacturers, supplying yarns to many other brands.

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