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Ohje on englanninkielinen printti ja vaatii toimituksen.

Meleerattu "melange-efekti" saadaan aikaan valitsemalla kaksi väriä, joissa on paljon kontrastia.

The Melange Sweater is worked from the top down. First, the back yoke is worked back and forth in stockinette stitch, while the slope of the shoulders is created using short rows. At the bottom of the back yoke, increases are worked to shape the armholes. After this, each shoulder is worked back and forth separately towards the front on circular needles, and then the two shoulders are joined to form the front yoke. Back and front yokes are joined at the bottom of the armholes to form the body, which is worked in the round on the circular needles. The sleeves are worked from stitches that are picked up and knitted along the armholes. The sleeves are worked in the round on circular needles or on double-pointed needles or using the Magic Loop technique. At the end, a neck rib edge is worked from stitches that are picked up and knitted around the neck opening. The neck rib edge is then folded double and knitted together. The Melange Sweater is worked in two thin strands of wool yarn in contrasting colors held together to achieve the marled or “mélange” look. Start by knitting a swatch to determine which size needle gives you the correct gauge. 

Size guide

The Melange Sweater is designed to have approx. 15-20 cm [6-8 inches] of positive ease, meaning it is designed to be approx. 15-20 cm [6-8 inches] larger in circumference than your bust measurement. The sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL are designed to fit a bust circumference of 80-85 (85-90) 90-95 (95-100) 100-110 (110-120) 120-130 (130-140) 140-150 cm [31½-33½ (33½-35½) 35½-37½ (37½-39½) 39½-43¼ (43¼-47¼) 47¼-51¼ (51¼-55) 55-59 inches]. The measurements for the finished sweater can be found on the front page of the pattern. Measure yourself before beginning your project, to determine which size will fit you the best. For example, if you measure 90 cm [35½ inches] around your bust (or around the widest part of your upper body) you should knit a size S. A size S sweater has a bust circumference of 110 cm [43¼ inches] which in the given example would give you 20 cm [7¾ inches] of positive ease.

Sizes:  XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

Bust circumference:  106 (110) 114 (118) 126 (136) 144 (150) 160 cm [41¾ (43¼) 45 (46½) 49½ (53½) 56¾ (59) 63 inches]

Length: 59 (59) 60 (61) 62 (63) 64 (65) 66 cm [23¼ (23¼) 23½ (24) 24½ (24¾) 25¼ (25½) 26 inches] measured mid back excl. neck edge

Gauge: 20 sts x 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm [4 x 4 inches] in stockinette stitch on 4 mm [US6] needles

Needles: Circular needles: 4 mm [US6] / 40, 80 and/or 100 cm [16, 32 and/or 40 inches] and 3.5 mm [US4] / 40 cm [16 inches]

Double-pointed needles 3.5 mm [US4] and 4 mm [US6] (unless the Magic Loop technique is used)

Materials: Suggestion 1: 450 (500) 550 (550) 600 (600-650) 650 (700) 750 g BC garn Bio Shetland (50 g = 280 m or 400-450 (450) 500 (550) 550-600 (600) 600 (650) 700 g Merino by Knitting for Olive (50 g = 250 m [273 yds]) (with two strands of yarn held together) Note: The given yardage amounts are the total yardage required. (Neule neulotaan kaksinkertaisella langalla, kahdella eri värillä. Menekki on koko määrälle, eli tarvitset puolet toista väriä ja puolet toista.)

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