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Color: 03

45% cotton
42% superwash wool
13% polyamide

Thread strength:
100 g = 400 m

Recommended sticks:
2.50 - 3.50 mm

Knitting density:
30 sc x 41 rows = 10 × 10 cm

Care instructions: Delicate wash at 30 degrees.

Wool Addicts Footprints is a charmingly colorful novelty in the series of cotton-wool sock yarns, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Not only does the yarn look great, but its unique composition also makes it an ideal choice for durable socks as well as soft sweaters and scarves.

Its breathable structure feels pleasant on the skin and if you want warmth and fluffiness, you can combine it with Lang's mohair . With this combination, you can get a knitting density of about 20-21s/10cm. See the model options for sweater suggestions for this combo.

The yarn's color scheme is vivid and has the feel of hand-spun yarn. The number of stitches and the density affect the colors, and by combining with mohair, you get a more hazy surface.

Knit socks up to size 45 from one round. Reserve 400g of yarn for a size M sweater, 300g for a 10-year-old sweater. One round is enough for a small shoulder scarf.

Made in Italy

Design suggestions with Mohair:

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