Lang Yarns Super Soxx 6 ply

Designer: Lang Yarns

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Color: 015 Rust

75% wool
25% polyamide

Thread strength:
150 g = approx. 410 m (sport)

Stick recommendation:
2.75 - 4.00 mm

Knitting density:
22 sx 33 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Are you looking for a sock yarn that combines durability, quality and versatility? L ang Yarns' Super Soxx 6-ply offers all this and more. This six strand reinforced yarn is designed to last in wool socks. Whether you have in mind embroidery, surface knitting, braids or classic smooth surfaces, this yarn is the perfect choice.

With one ball of 150 grams, you can knit up to size 46 socks. In addition, its smooth and soft composition makes it a great choice for various accessories and knitwear as well. For a women's size M cardigan, we recommend about 450 grams of yarn.

The wool used by Lang Yarns comes from the prestigious Corriedale sheep from Patagonia, Chile. This long fiber wool is known for its durability and the fact that it does not form lint easily. You can even check the origin of your yarn by entering the code on the belt into the one on the Lang Yarns website Trace your yarn - to the search function. This way you can get more information about when the wool was collected, what breed of sheep the wool comes from and what work stages the yarn has gone through.

Model suggestions:

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-Aslaug gloves, Skeindeer Knits (Raverly)

-Junction, Andrea Mowry (raverly)

-Spot Sweater, Anne Ventzel (raverly)

-The perfect toe up socks, Norman Schwarze (raverly)

-Night Blooms sweater, Espace Tricot (raverly)