Lana Grossa Ecopuno

Designer: Lana Grossa

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Color: 1 Green

72% cotton
17% merino 11% baby alpaca

Thread strength:
50g = 215m

Stick recommendation
4.00 - 4.50 mm

Knitting density:
24 sc x 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Care instructions: Hand wash

Lanagrossan Ecopuno - New Spring 2023 Yarn in WoolWomen's Selection

Lanagrossa's Ecopuno is a yarn that charms with its super soft texture and combination of natural materials. This yarn combines the best qualities of cotton, merino and alpaca to create a result that is both soft and versatile.

Ecopuno's slightly fluffy surface gets warmth from merino and alpaca. This makes the yarn an excellent choice for a variety of knitting projects and accessories throughout the year. The yarn has plenty of meters in one 50 gram ball - up to 215 meters. Even though the yarn is plenty, knitting it goes smoothly with instructions designed for medium-strength yarns, such as sport strength. Ecopuno is excellent for both knitwear and accessories, and thanks to its softness, it is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

The knits made with this yarn are light and their drape makes them comfortable to wear. If you are planning an M-size sweater, we recommend that you reserve around 6-7 balls of yarn, so that you are sure to get a sufficient amount.

Lana Grossa, a German yarn brand, is known for its yarns, which are among Europe's best-selling yarns. The brand manufactures high-quality yarns in Italy and uses mulesing-free wool sourced from South America. The production process focuses on environmental friendliness and yarn quality control. The origin of the material and animal welfare are important values ​​for the brand, and special attention is paid to these aspects in the different stages of production.

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