Lana Grossa Confetti

Designer: Lana Grossa

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Color: 1 fell

100% merino wool

Thread strength:
100 g = approx. 50 m

Recommended sticks:


Knitting density:
7.5 sx 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Hand wash, flat dry.

Lana Grossa's Confetti is a cheerful, thick and plush merino yarn, which is specially designed for knitting quick and warm knits and accessories with large needles. A perfect choice for those who want to create soft and comfortable knitwear for cold days or if you need quick intermediate projects with large needles.

Confetti yarn is characterized by its cheerful coloring, which reminds me of hand-dyed yarn. The collection has a wide selection of cheerful and splashy colors that will bring joy and color to your day. In addition, the colors also have softer shades, which are suitable for those looking for a slightly calmer color scheme.

The manufacturer's sales estimate for the size 38-40 sweater is 7 collections. 5 gathers for the 5-year-old's sweater. You can get a simple beanie from one ball, if you want to fold the edge, order two. Reserve two gathers for the collar.

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