Onemany scarf instructions PDF+ WoolWomen merino single and lang lace

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Color: underground

The Onemany scarf with a bow pattern is knitted with Fingering-strong thread together with Lace-strong thread in a flat pattern, increasing at each edge until the desired width is reached and then tapering at each edge to the tip. The neat I-cord border is knitted at the same time, so the finishing is minimal. I-cord rings are made for the ends, which work with pompoms as fasteners.


The model scarves are knitted with WoolWomen Merino Single (100% Merino, 366 m / 100 g) in the color Pink Sand together with Lang Yarns Lace (58% Superkid mohair, 42% Silk, 310 m / 25 g) in the color 48 Old Pink and WoolWomen Merino Single in the color Amber and Lang Yarns Lace in color 15 Copper Brown.

Sticks & accessories:

4.5 mm circular needle (80 cm or longer) or depending on density, extra circular needle, 2 loop markers, finishing needle, loop holder or heavy yarn, tensioning tools, pompom device or supplies to make a pompom about 5 cm in diameter

Knitting density:

20 loops x 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm always knit right after tensioning with double thread

You can make pompoms from both yarns together or only from Merino Single, if the lace-strength yarn is not enough.

Note You get the guide for free when you order the product package. The product package includes instructions and 1 piece of merino single and 1 piece of lang lace. Choose your favorite shades from single or lace, and you'll automatically get a discount at checkout.

This knitting pattern is a downloadable product. It is not delivered as a printed print with any other order. Please save the instructions on your computer.

Designed by Joanna Ingnatius