DMC thread - Metallic light effects

Designer: DMC

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Color: E130 · Metallic Winter Sparkle


1 00% polyester.


Delivery: U seita skeins travel perfectly in a small package. As a letter, 8 pieces.

DMC moulin thread is the world's most popular embroidery thread. Metallic light effects are metallic. You can use this like other moulin threads, such as for cross-stitching and embroidery, you can also use this with other moulin threads to give your work a subdued sparkle. The thread has six strands that can be easily separated from each other, and by dividing them, you get the strength suitable for your embroidery work. You can add depth and fine details to your work by varying the number of threads you use. Also check out the beautifully glowing neon shades!

The yarn can be washed with hand-warm (30°C) water and a mild detergent. The shades of the yarn do not fade in the wash or in sunlight.

DMC yarns are made in France and the company has a long history of almost 300 years. Quality and caring for the environment are their most important values, which is also evidenced by the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.

 The thread is suitable for both cross-stitch embroidery and embroidery. DMC's moulin thread can also be used to make friendship bands.