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Color: Powder

100% merino wool

Thread strength:
50 g = 250 m

Stick recommendation:
3.00 mm

Knitting density:
28 x 38 r = 10 cm

Care instructions: Hand wash, flat dry

Knitting for Olive's Merino offers high-quality and luxurious knitting. This wonderful merino wool yarn has been made with special care and has received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which means it is a safe choice for all ages.

Finger's strong yarn offers beautiful, harmonious tones, the softness of merino, and its pleasant feel makes it the perfect choice for various knitting projects. L Anka is especially ideal for babies' and children's knitwear, as its gentle touch is kind to little skin.

When you knit this yarn, you will also notice its pleasant feel in your hands. The yarn glides like a dream when knitting. You can try different techniques, such as embroidery or surface knitting, and see how the yarn bends to a variety of results. Whether it's cute baby clothes, stylish adult knits or trendy accessories, it's easy to get excited about this yarn again and again.

You can easily combine the yarn with the luxurious Knitting for Olive's Soft Silk Mohair.

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Knitting for Olive is a family business that produces high-quality yarns.

Merino wool comes from sheep raised in Patagonia and is mulesing free.

Wool can be traced directly to the farm where it comes from. In this way, we know exactly which farm, farmers and which sheep the wool is from.

The yarn is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and is manufactured in Italy. The spinning mill adheres to ethical, technical and environmental standards by creating yarns that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Merino wool has many excellent properties. It is temperature regulating. In other words, wool keeps our body warm in cold weather and releases heat in warm weather, keeping our skin cool. Meanwhile, wool, like silk, can transport moisture away from the skin and absorb 30% of its weight without feeling wet.

Wool is also dirt repellent and requires little maintenance.