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Color: 0003 Light beige


100% Icelandic wool

Thread strength:


Stick recommendation:

4.5 mm

Knitting density:


When knitting double:

14s=10cm, needle recommendation 5.5

Care instructions:

Woolen products do not need to be washed much, but the best care instructions for them is ventilation. If the sweater needs to be washed due to staining, use warm water and wool detergent for hand washing. Do not rub. You can wrap the sweater in a towel, for example. and squeeze out the excess water. The sweater should be dried flat

Plötulopi is an Icelandic single-stranded wool yarn, and it is used to make traditional authentic Lopi sweaters. The thread is fragile when knitting, but if the thread breaks, it is easy to connect the ends. The thread runs comfortably on the needles. Thanks to its long fibers, a sweater or other woolen garment knitted from it is warm, very light and durable. Plötulops can be knitted double or even triple. As a single thread, it corresponds to Lettlop and as double to Alafosslop, remember to check the knitting density. The yarn is also excellent for felting and hand spinning.

Plötulopia is sold in discs. The weight of one disc is about 100 grams and it contains about 300 meters of thread.

Model proposal:

Afrodita, Johanna Vaurio (Raverly)

Dottir, Johanna Vaurio (Raverly)

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