Aapo sock instructions PDF + Regia merino yak

Designer: WoolWomen

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Regia Premium merino yak (Color): 07504 Gold

Beautiful knitted socks are suitable for everyone. The versatile and precisely written instructions are easy to read and you can also choose the technique you like. Do you want to knit socks with loops or knitting needles? Both can be done! Do you want to knit socks starting from the stem or the toes? Both instructions are available!

This instruction is written from stem to toe, but if you also want the instruction from toe to stem, put a message in the additional information when ordering. We will send it to the email when the order is processed.

The instructions are written to be knitted with a loop, but the socks can also be knitted with knitting needles. In the picture, socks knitted with finger and sport yarn.

Sizes S (M) L, foot circumference 17 (19.5) 22 cm

Yarn 100 g of Fingerin strong yarn approx. 400 m/100 g Schachenmayr Regia Premium Merino Yak (75% wool, 25% nylon).

Needles & accessories 2.75 mm circular needle (80 cm or longer) or, depending on the tightness, loop markers a finishing needle

Knitting density 36 sx 48 rows = 10 x 10 cm plain knitted stocking

Note You get the guide for free when you order the product package. The product includes instructions and 1 ball of yarn.

This knitting pattern is a downloadable product. This is not delivered as a printed print with any other order. Please save the instructions on your computer.

The instructions were designed by micirapix