Istex Alafosslopi

Designer: Istex

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Color: 0005 Black Heather


100% Icelandic wool

Thread strength:


Stick recommendation:


Knitting density:

13 stitches = 10 cm

Care Instructions:

Woolen products do not need to be washed much, but the best care instructions for them is ventilation. If the sweater needs to be washed due to staining, use warm water and wool detergent for hand washing. Do not rub. You can wrap the sweater in a towel, for example. and squeeze out the excess water. The sweater should be dried flat.

Álafosslopi is an Icelandic woolen yarn from which the famous authentic Icelandic woolen shirts are made. The yarn is also suitable for felting. The yarn is coarse, but softens somewhat with use. The wool is extremely warm and water-repellent, so you stay warm and dry even with a little drizzle.

Icelandic wool is spun with two different fibers - soft, shorter underwool and longer, coarser top hair. This unique composition produces a yarn that keeps warm. It is durable and remains in good shape year after year and is a legacy "from father to son".

Istex is not only known for its yarns, but also for its design. In their how-to books you will find lots of "lopapeysa" (Icelandic sweaters) patterns and instructions that knitters love to make and use around the world.

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