Onemany scarf instructions PDF + Gedifra Laura

Designer: WoolWomen

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Gedifra Laura (Color): 3200 Natural white

The Onemany scarf modeled by Salmiak is knitted with a double thread as a plain, increasing at each edge until the desired width is reached and then tapering at each edge up to the tip. The neat I-cord border is knitted at the same time, so the finishing is minimal. I-cord rings are made for the ends, which work with pompoms as fasteners. The instructions are written for a two-color scarf, but you can also knit the scarf in stripes, changing the color every 10 rows, or knit the entire scarf in melange, using both colors at the same time.

Size Length without I-cord rings and pompoms 120 cm. Width in the middle 35 cm.

Yarn The model scarf is knitted with double yarn using Gedifra Laura (65% Alpaca, 35% Cotton, 151 m / 25 g) in the colors 3208 Pink and 3214 Terracotta. You need 2 of each color for the scarf.

Needles & supplies t 6 mm circular needle (80 cm or longer) or depending on density, extra circular needle, 2 stitch markers, a finishing needle, loop holder or heavy yarn, tensioning tools, pompom device or supplies to make a pompom about 5 cm in diameter

Note You get the guide for free when you order the product package. The product package includes instructions and 4 bundles of yarn. If you want to make a multicolored scarf, order extra balls here .

This knitting pattern is a downloadable product. It is not delivered as a printed print with any other order. Please save the instructions on your computer.