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Color: Silver Arrow


75% SW Merino wool 25% Polyamide

Thread strength:


Stick recommendation:


Delivery: 1 opened skein travels perfectly as a small package

We will update the pictures little by little :)

WoolWomen sock is dyed in small batches in Lempäälä. The yarn base is the familiar old one, but the dyeing technique has changed, which enables even more versatile and delicious colors and dyeing techniques. WoolWomen's high-quality sock contains 75% merino and 25% polyamide. It is durable and suitable not only for socks but also for knits, scarves and accessories. Thanks to its softness, it is also suitable for many people with sensitive skin. Merino sock can also be combined with mohair, such as Knitting for Olive's Soft Silk Mohair or WoolWomen's Cloud

Merino Sock is also dyed in one-off shades, which we call THE MIRACLE OF ONE POT. These are special colors whose recipes are not written down and thus cannot be repeated. A limited number of these are also available. The colors are numbered and there are no actual names for them. The wonders of one pot can be found here.

As before, the yarns are dyed in small batches and all colors are applied by hand. So remember to reserve enough yarn for your project, because the yarn dyed later will never be identical. We dye larger quantities to order so that the color batch is the same. In these cases, contact us at info@woolwomen.fi

The bottom thread is of high quality

mulesing untreated wool

Care instructions:

We do our best to capture the colors as well as possible. Please note, however, that there are differences between the hand-dyed lots and the colors may look slightly different shades on different screens.

Instructions designed for WoolWomen merino socks:

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